The #1 Key to Success

The #1 Key to Success

Can we talk for a sec? You see, I’m a bit frustrated because if you would have asked me months ago, I would have said the #1 key to success is consistency.

Today, I changed my mind.

The #1 key to success is TENACITY!

And I am pissed about this.

You see, consistency is simple. Every day do this. Next day repeat. Easy, right?

Now tenacity is more like hanging on for dear life as your life tries to buck you off, twisting and turning like a raging bull. Not so easy.

So the moment I said “I do” to my true love, my Clarity Project, I have been bucked off more times than I can count. Website problems…here I go face down in the dirt. Get back on and bucked off by the server blowing up. Get back up, rebranding knocks me on my ass. This past week I have been too weak with a virus to even get back up.

I want to kick something really badly but I’m worried a broken toe will end the season!

Big dreams, bigger horse, better bucker and more ways to fall flat on your face in the dirt.

Maybe that’s why most people dream small.

Today I stood up, dust covered, snot coming out of my nose, a hoarse voice but loud enough for life to understand me saying F. U. world,  I am done.

Not the quitting done. Oh no. I’m talking about the “I’m done taking this shit and you are going down” kind of done.

I’m done getting knocked off and wondering am I not good enough to get back up or is this dream just too big for me? If I have to superglue my ass to the saddle and duct tape my hand to the reins, I will. Give me your best shot because I am not going down anymore. This bullshit virus. Not going to stop me. My back, no way. My bank account, hell no!

I am committed to bringing the Clarity Project to people all around the world so they can start living the life they are meant to live.

All of you tests and challenges can buck off because I am not stopping for any of you!!!

Line in sand, has been drawn.

Let’s go kick some ass!!!