Make 2019 The Best Year Yet With This Simple Change!

Make 2019 The Best Year Yet With This Simple Change!

It’s a fresh and exciting New Year!!!

I wish for you a year filled with joy, love, prosperity and fulfillment!

I’m curious…did you set any New Year’s resolutions?

A couple of years ago I gave up resolutions and now set intentions for the new year. It may seem like semantics but I always felt that resolutions were pass or fail. Intentions are ongoing. No judgement. No feeling like a loser by January 5th. No panic on day one of “ I really agreed to give up sugar for the YEAR?!?!?”

But, to set my intentions I had to get very clear on what I wanted my year to look like including what I wanted to create, experience, and share with the world.

Do you have a vision for 2019?

Over the past year and a half I have been struggling with a health challenge that affected my brain function. In the fall of 2017 I couldn’t even write a sentence. I have been working really hard to return to good health and regain what I lost. In that period of time, my highly organized life turned into drawers stuffed with miscellaneous items, unfiled paperwork, more lost than found things, and a sense of being totally overwhelmed by it all.

One of my intentions that I set for 2019 is to get organized again. Everything is so out of whack I was worried it would take me all year. Then, the Universe sent me an angel. Yesterday, just a few hours after setting that intention, I turned on Netflix and at the top of the menu was “Tidying Up” a show featuring organizational expert and author of “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up”, Marie Kondo. I read her book last year but just didn’t get it. Watching the stories in this series (yes, I binged-watched the whole thing) gave me a huge “aha” and a strategy to get my house, office, and life back on track.


I don’t believe in coincidences.

Intentions are powerful.

So, ask yourself…

What’s most important to you this year? What do you intend to create, experience and share with the world?

Then, intend it.

I didn’t put it on a vision board, write it down, post it online, or say it out loud.

I just put my attention, energy, and belief on that thought and POOF…magic happened.

You can do all of the things above if it helps you, but attention, energy, and belief are the powerful ingredients to creating what you want.

You have a blank slate. You decide what you fill it with.

Aren’t you excited???

Just like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, you have always had the power to create the amazing life you want and deserve.

Know that I am always here to help you on your journey!

Happy New Year!!!