Do you want more connections, more clients and more money?


This 30-day Quickstart program is the key to nailing your messaging so you can connect with the right audience!



In the next 30 days you will get:


  • 3 Weekly videos with action-oriented exercises to narrow in on each of the three areas of messaging and define your niche so you can move your business forward. Yes! You are doing real work…not just watching videos!
  • Easy fill-in-the-blank templates that make it easy for you to put together.
  • A 0ne-0n-one Clarity Call with Darlene to pull it all together and clearly articulate your messaging to use in all of your marketing material.

Module 1:  Communication

Whom are you talking to? Who do you want to reach? The more narrow your focus and the more precise your language, the more success upi will have. In this training you will learn where the money is for your business and be able to articulate it in just a couple of words.


Module 2:  Connection

It all starts with the promise of transformation. Clearly mapping out the journey of getting your clients what they want and sharing your secret sauce is the key to connection.


Module 3:  Commitment

Why you? Sharing your personal “why” is the fastest route to having potential clients know, like, and trust you and the key to credicbility that leads to comitment.



The most important aspect of business is Clarity. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, being clear is the #1 asset you can have.
As I have journeyed through the growth of my business in the last year, I’ve worked with Darlene on getting out of chaos, into clarity and landing (not always gently!) into Calm. It’s a cycle we all go through as we grow as business owners and as people. All I can say is: “Thank God I had Darlene in my corner, on my side, to keep me focused, centred and on track. 2018 is a blow out year for me because of the work I do with Darlene.
Odette Peek

Soul Story Strategist, The Impact Revolution

Intuition + Wisdom + Calm + Digging Deep to define who you are from inside-out in your business, that is Darlene in a nutshell. In my 3-day VIP with Darlene, she immediately had a strong sense of who I am, my personality, and was able to help me discover and then communicate what I do in such a succinct, clear way. Having her be able to put copy together for my videos and website helped me strengthen even more in communicating to others my sense of who I am and how I serve in this world. Thank you, Darlene!
Rosalyn Fung

Self-love and Business Coach, Holistic Body Love


So you may be at the point when you are asking, Why you, Darlene?


Here is my answer:

I combine my psychology degree with my 35 years of creating six-figure businesses, and my strong intuitive connection with God, The Universe, Source, Infinite Intelligence (whatever you call it) to give you a deep, personal, clear message and method for your business and your life. I don’t just rely on stats, strategies, and the same old stuff. I believe in out-of-the-box marketing, messages from the Universe, and your intuition playing a part in every decision and strategy so it is unique to you.

There is no cookie-cutter approach in my business!

So if you want creativity, decades of experience, and spiritual connection working for you, than I am the right person!

If you want a straight-out-of-the-textbook, just-like-everybody-else strategy, I am not the person for you!

Darlene is probably the single most valuable coach and friend I have relied on throughout the marketing and distribution journey for my books. Her support, her candid advice, and her wealth of knowledge have always served to encourage and inspire me and give me the proper strategy to achieve the seemingly impossible. If you are determined to chase your dream, Darlene is the ultimate teacher and cheerleader to help you reach success.
Vesna Bailey

International Best-Selling and Award Winning Author, Notes Before You Go

From the first time I met Darlene it became apparent that she is someone who deeply cares about others and wants to help them succeed in life.  She has always given me her full attention on any conversation we have had.  I am very grateful to have worked with Darlene on my new business.  Recently she helped me outline the steps that I need to take to get my business off the ground and get my first Canvas from Within program up and running and gave me great creative marketing ideas for my podcast.  It would be impactful and beneficial for you to work with her one on one on a long term program if you want to quickly ramp up your success.  Thank you Darlene for you continued support and help.
Kevin Benevides

Life Coach, The Canvas Within



The one question left to ask is…

What is my investment?

You will get everything you need in this 30-day quickstart to boost your business to a whole new level by nailing your messaging!

You get three intensive videos as well as actionable items and templates for each are a of messaging.

Then, you get a one-on-one call with the messaging guru and word geek, Darlene to pull it all together!

You are getting  all of this for…

$497 plus HST