Summertime: BE More and DO Less

Summertime: BE More and DO Less

June is the month that seems to slip through my fingers and disappear before I know it.

It is the end of the school year, which brings concerts, picnics, class trips, and teachers’ gifts. It is the end of activities, which means recitals, playoffs, and parties. And, it is the end of a business cycle that creates pressure to tie up loose ends before clients disappear into vacation mode.

Every year I think I will catch up in the quiet of July.

Why is July never quiet???

It too would disappear, summer would rush by, and I would be packing lunches for the first day of school without ever feeling like I relaxed and enjoyed it.

I came to the realization that the only downtime I enjoy is when I concentrate on BEing instead of over-scheduling the DOing.

The trick is to be present in the moment, whatever that looks like. Enjoy what is happening now. If I am working, all of my attention is on providing the best service for my clients. When I am with family, they get my full attention. Life is so much calmer when I focus on one thing at a time rather than freaking out that something important will be missed. Multi-tasking used to be a badge of honour, but now I see it as a monster wanting to steal the joy of life from me.


Being present in each moment, you get to experience life to its fullest.


I am a recovering “high expectation, things need to turn out a certain way or I am a puddle on the bathroom floor” over achiever. Imperfection and spontaneity are sisters that create fun, the unexpected, and creativity. In this over-scheduled, no room for error world, we miss out on so much of what the world has to offer. When we “stop to smell the roses” we also get to feel grass under our feet, and watch a child’s face light up when a butterfly flits from flower to flower.


Letting go of expectations allows magic, miracles, and special moments to appear.


I struggled with “me” time for most of my life. I was at the end of the line behind kids, husband, work, dog, and even laundry. After a health challenge, it was clear I could not be a good wife, mother, and business coach if I made doing everything for everyone else way more important than taking care of me. Now I have two power hours. The first hour of the morning I read, meditate, pray, do my gratitude practice, and move. The last hour of the day I unwind, process the day, prepare for the next, and do my gratitude practice. They are sacred to me. No phone, no family, and no business before my “me” time. You may not have the luxury of an hour. Even ten minutes can make a huge difference.


Schedule “you” time into your day to make sure you have the ability to take care of everything and everyone else.


Don’t let this summer slip by with an over-scheduled, high-anxiety, multi-tasking life. Take time to BE you and let go of the pressure to DO more.

You life will be so much better for it!


Wishing you all the best in business and in life,


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