The most important aspect of business is Clarity. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, being clear is the #1 asset you can have.

As I have journeyed through the growth of my business in the last year, I’ve worked with Darlene on getting out of chaos, into clarity and landing (not always gently!) into Calm.
It’s a cycle we all go through as we grow as business owners and as people. All I can say is: “Thank God I had Darlene in my corner, on my side, to keep me focused, centred and on track, and for all the copy she did for my website, sales pages, and email marketing campaigns.”
This was a blow out year for me because of the work I do with Darlene!
Odette Peek

Turning Entrepreneurs into Speakers, Impact Revolution

If Intuition + Wisdom + Calm + Digging Deep to define who you are from inside-out in your business, that is Darlene in a nutshell. In the first 5 minutes of speaking with Darlene, she immediately had a strong sense of who I am, my personality, and was able to communicate what I do in such a succinct, clear way. Having her be able to put copy together for my videos and website helped me strengthen even more in communicating to others my sense of who I am and how I serve in this world. Thank you, Darlene!

Rosalyn Fung

Self-Love Life & Business Coach, Holistic Body Love

Darlene is probably the single most valuable coach and friend I have relied on throughout the marketing and distribution journey for my books. Her support, her candid advice, and her wealth of knowledge have always served to encourage and inspire me to aim for the seemingly impossible. If you are determined to chase your dream, Darlene is the ultimate teacher and cheerleader to have in your corner.

Vesna M. Bailey

Author of the Award-winning NOTES BEFORE YOU GO Series

From the first time I met Darlene it became apparent that she is someone who deeply cares about others and wants to help them succeed in life.  She has always given me her full attention on any conversation we have had.  I am very grateful to have worked with Darlene on my new business.  Recently she helped me really outline the steps that I need to take to get my business off the ground.  It would be impactful and beneficial to work with her one on one on a long term program.  Thank you Darlene for you continued support and help.

Kevin Benevides

Your Inner Canvas

Darlene is….the one who gave me the clarity and courage to find my voice and to finally commit that voice to paper. I am grateful for her coaching skills and her compassionate encouragement. She’s a difference-maker!!

Helen Reilly

Connection Specialist, The End Game Communications

Darlene is focused and keeps the goal front and centre. I have attended several of her writing workshops; she is knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge to her participants. She will work through every detail, fear, doubt, or anxiety you may have. I attended her “Blogging” workshop where Darlene promised we would leave that weekend with four written, edited and ready-to-post blogs. It was hard work. Darlene kept us all on track. No deviations from the task at hand, and we all finished the weekend, as promised, with four edited blog posts. She has an incredible amount of energy and will make sure that even if your spirits are down, hers never is.

Susan Jaehn-Kreibaum

Owner of the Empty Nest B andB

I have had the pleasure of knowing Darlene since high school and can testify to the fact that she has the same energy level now as she did on the cheer leading team!! After reconnecting these past couple of years, I have read her works and taken part in her Author’s workshop. I am also looking forward to working with her thought the clarity project very soon. Her vision and inspirational ways are backed up with real experience….she lives what she teaches. She’s a gem. <3

Loretta Hogan-Andrew

Heart-Centered Creative