Lessons from the Depression


Lessons from the Depression covers such topics as: Beating credit card bullies Breaking old habits Boosting income to balance the budget Savings vs. debt reduction Having fun for free And much more With positive and practical lessons at the end of each chapter, Butts offers essential emotional and financial advice to help you map out a sound financial strategy. Let the timeless wisdom of Grammy Ti and the Greatest Generation help you take control of your financial future


A timely parable, Lessons from the Depression reveals the easy steps you can take to turn your finances around. After a job lay-off and real estate troubles, Tim and Tricia Smith are buried in debt and are at risk of losing their house. Their only hope to avoid bankruptcy lies in a loan from Tricia’s estranged grandmother. But, instead of lending them the money, Crazy Grammy Ti sets them on a course of action that not only cleans up their financial mess, but changes their lives. Learn how to beat credit card debt, break spending habits, boost income and take control of your future by following the timeless wisdom learned in the Great Depression in this page-turning story of triumph.