Are You in Full Bloom?

Are You in Full Bloom?

I have been working so hard over the past couple of months on my program I was starting to feel burnt out. Have you ever felt like that…gas gauge is on empty?

After dealing with a health challenge last fall, I take burn out seriously and decided it was time for a break.

I wanted to go to High Park in Toronto to see the cherry blossoms, but that would have basically killed a full day. So, I instead went to the Kariya Park Japanese gardens where I made an amazing discovery about nature and life!

There was one tree, only one, that was fully bloomed. Everyone in the park stopped to take pictures, hang out underneath, marvel at its beauty, and shared all about it on social media. The hundreds of other trees didn’t get a lot of attention.

I thought two things:

One, the tree that stood tall, showed all of its own unique glory, and went full-out was the tree that got attention. I realized that is what is true for people as well. Those people we want pictures with and marvel at and share about on social media are the ones that are confident, authentic, living full-out and sharing their own unique glory.

Secondly, that tree didn’t worry about whether it was too flashy, too bold, too unique, too loud, too beautiful, or that it may be hurting the other trees by shining so bright. It just sought to be its own best version. The results didn’t matter because a tree doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. It just is. Could you imagine if we took on that attitude? We just sought to be our own best version without attachment to outcome?

Next time you start thinking about dimming your light to make others feel more comfortable, think about this tree and bloom to your highest potential because that is what you are put on earth to do!

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