Does your website do a good impersonation of you?

Does your website do a good impersonation of you?

Is your website working for you or hurting you?

Let’s face it. Your website stands in for you 24/7. When people go to your url and check it out, they are checking YOU out. Do you think it is a fair comparison? Is your website doing a good job impersonating you?

Here are three quick ways to determine if your website is the wingman you want:

1.  Look at the first thing people see. Does your graphic, banner, or picture let people know in 5 seconds or less whether they are in the right place? Or, is it confusing, inconsistent or just makes a really bad first impression? 

2.  On your home page, read the first three sentences. Do they clearly convey what you do specifically and for whom? If they don’t, people will bounce. Nobody has endless time anymore to scroll through your perfect, industry-based, highly intelligent prose until they decipher what exactly you have to offer. See what I mean???

3.  Do the graphics look good? If they are low-rez, poorly lit photos or mismatched and inconsistent, visitors will think you are low-rate and unprofessional. Instead of showing them the competent, have-it-all-together, best-choice-in-the-world professional version of you…you have shown them the Saturday morning, hung-over, ready-to-quit-because-your-client-bailed, soiled PJ’s you. They are both you and they both have their place. You would never show up to a meeting like that so why show up on your website like that.

We have all seen bad Las Vegas impersonators that make you feel all squirmy and awkward, as well as ones that make you wonder if they are the real deal. Make your website make people feel like they are interacting with the real deal.

Have consistent, high-quality, very clear messaging and graphics so you make the best first impression no matter where you are!


Why Companies Need to Tell More Stories

Why Companies Need to Tell More Stories

One of the biggest mistakes companies and business owners make is they think people are buying their product or service.

That is wrong!

People are buying what those goods and services do for them and how they make them feel.

They are buying a story, not a thing.

People remember stories long after they remember facts. That is why Lincoln is selling the cool, everyone wants to be like him Matthew McConaughey lifestyle instead of leather seats and horse power.

It is also why I only remember what Brendon Burchard said at an event in 2009 when he was still relatively unknown and shared the stage with some pretty big heavyweight personalities including Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken soup for the Soul. He told the most compelling story of a student of his. I laughed and cried all within his twenty minute presentation. In that story, I learned of his passion to help others, his ability to provide a strategy for someone struggling, and his ability to craft an amazing message. I wanted to work with him!

Whether it is on your website, in a commercial, in a Facebook Live or a blog, tell people a story they will remember. Show them who you are and let them feel the transformation your product or service will bring to them. The deeper you can connect with them on an emotional level, the more successful you will be.

If you have difficulty crafting a story-based message for your business or mission, book a Clarity Call here and let me help you! It is the key to success!