My Definition of Fearless

My Definition of Fearless

I shared the Fearless Women Summit stage in Toronto and Barrie (you can see links to my talk on my speaker page) with women who had incredible stories. Listening to them, I realized that I had the definition of fearless wrong.

I thought fearless meant that you never felt nervous, anxious, or nauseous about ANYTHING! I had never really thought about it but, as one of the speakers pointed out, to be fearless, that definition of fearless, you are dead!

What does fearless mean then?

These women shared stories about overcoming illness, death of a loved one, poverty, oppression, and injury. They were hit by some of life’s biggest challenges. Yet, they persevered without any guarantee that things would get better.

That is fearless!

Fearless isn’t feeling confident and bold, it is about feeling nervous, anxious, and nauseous and still moving forward. The confidence and boldness comes after the throwing up and then taking action.

The trick to a successful life is to take action even when you are terrified.

My new definition of fearless is not living less because of fear. It has nothing to do with not feeling fear. It has to do with not letting fear stop you from living the life you want.

Fear + Action = Success

Simple equation.

Life-changing application!